Stabburet mountain tour

Freedom!Photo: Sture Markström

A Nature’s Best-certified event

Come along with Fjällhästen on a two day’s riding tour in the Vindel Mountains Nature Reserve by Icelandic horse. We ride to Fjällhästen’s comfortable long cot by Lake Tjaskal for dinner and to spend the night. For you who are interested in fishing there are plenty of opportunities to get in contact with both Arctic char and brown trout in the lake system.

Tours in 2018

8-10 of June, 1-3 of July, 22-24 of July, 7-9 of September, 14-16 of September and 21-23 of September


Day 1

On arriving at Ammarnäs and Fjällhästen’s hostel you check in. Fjällhästen’s hostel is only a couple of hundred metres from the bus stop. Dinner is not included in the package this evening but restaurants in Ammarnäs are open.

Day 2

We have breakfast at the hostel and then gather about ten o’clock to go through the equipment. We look at the itinerary and how to pack the personal equipment in pack roll bags. We have lunch in  Ammarnäs around noon and then leave directly for the horses which we prepare for departure to Fjällhästen’s camp Tjaskal, to which it’s about eight kilometres of riding. Before and after dinner there is time for fishing and relaxation. The cot at Tjaskal is a bigger and long and looks like a Viking house with folding beds along the walls. The cot can easily be remade to a conference room if you wish.

Day 3

After a good night’s sleep we have a sturdy breakfast and thereafter saddle the horses and ride up on the elongated mountain Stuore Jåppe. We try the Icelandic horse’s different gaits such as the well-known rack. Occasional galloping might be exciting for those want to try it. After having stopped at the Sámi lair Stabburet we turn back to Tjaskal. Coffee and Gakku, the traditional Sámi bread, taste good after the morning ride. Then we head back to Ammarnäs and arrive at about four o’clock. Today’s distance is about 20 kilometres. Shower and sauna are available at the hostel after the riding tour. Those who want to stay an additional night in Ammarnäs can book accommodation with Fjällhästen.

As an alternative those who aren’t that interested in riding stay fishing by Tjaskal on the third day instead of joining the tour to Stabburet. If you choose this alternative the fishing is free to about one o’clock when we start preparing the horses for the ride back to Ammarnäs. We reach Ammarnäs at about four o’clock. In Tjaskal it works well to fish with both spinning- and fly rod so every option is available for the game fisherman.


3 500 SEK per person and then horse, guide, food and accommodation in mountain hut and at Fjällhästen’s hostel including breakfast are included. If you want to fish during the tour you supply yourself with the fishing license for the State’s mountain fishing waters before we leave Ammarnäs.
Information about the State’s mountain fishing waters →

When you’re up on the mountain relaxation spreads through your body. Photo: Staffan Widstrtand

When you’re up on the mountain relaxation spreads through your body.Photo: Staffan Widstrtand